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Talk About Movie Director, Producers, And Writers

movie director is Jake Kasdan. Several producers have produced the movie together, namely, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, Matt Tolmach, William Teitler, and the movie is written by Jake Kasdan, Jeff Pinkner, and Scott Rosenberg.

Jumanji 3 Star Cast 

  • Karen Gillan – Martha
  • Dwayne Johnson – Eddie
  • Danny DeVito – Eddie
  • Madison Iseman – Young Bethany
  • Jack Black – Bethany / Fridge
  • Awkwafina – Ming
  • Ashley Scott – Ashley
  • Kevin Hart – Mouse Finbar / Fridge
  • Nick Jonas – Alex
  • Rhys Darby – Nigel
  • Colin Hanks – Young Alex
  • Alex Wolff – Young Spencer
  • Dania Ramirez
  • Danny Glover – Milo
  • Morgan Turner – Young Martha

Where Is Jumanji: The Next Level Movie Shooting 2019 

Jumanji 3 2019 film shooting Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Newnan, Georgia, USA, Shiprock, New Mexico, USA, New Mexico, USA, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Hawaii, USA, Georgia, USA, Canada, USA.

Jumanji 3 Movie Watch Official Trailer 2019 In English Download

The official trailer of this film has been launched on 1 July 2019, so far, the total is 30,190,443 views and like 236K + which is much liked by the audience and is an English trailer.

Jumanji: The Next Level Official Trailer 2019 In Hindi Download

This is an official Hindi trailer of this film has been done by on 17 November 2019. Total in this trailer is 9,156,449 views and is like 51K which is very much liked by the Hindi audience. What is going to happen as soon as 2019 is released and how much it earns.

Talk about the language of the movie

You must know that Jumanji 3 movie is shooting in the USA and it is a movie made in the same country, so the official language of the movie is English.

Jumani movie release date as well as all country release dates

Jumanji: The Next Level Before 2019, another hit film is coming out called Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Full HD Movie Download 720p Coming to The Rock, then you must know what Jumanji Star Wars Will it be able to compete?

Many People Search Jumanji: The Next Level 2019 Full HD Movie Download In Google

Jumanji: The Next Level 2019 People are going to search Google as soon as it is released and you will know that Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Movie has been a box office hit and now Jumanji: 3 Movie is coming. 

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Jumanji: The Next Level Movie Genres

In Jumanji The Next Level Movie, you will get to see action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy and you will know how much fun it is to watch the movie if it is put in three genres and this time also Jumanji 3 movie hit.

Jumanji 3 Movie Review In English

If the entire series of Jumanji is seen, then it is the 4th sequel of Jumanji’s Universe because it was also said by the director of the film, Jack Black himself, that the Jathura movie also adds to this Universe which together now.

Total 4 in Jumanji’s Universe Films have been made, people who do not know, tell them that Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle was a super hit at the box office, then the director of the film made 4 parts of it. Decided to take a look at the trailer of the film this time, it seems that the budget of the film has also been increased, but see a problem that happens with every film if the planning of the film is not planned properly. 

Go and maybe this is going to happen with Jumanji da next level, that is, we are talking about the perfectness of the film, in which it may be that the plot of the film is not so good. And people in the film do not enjoy this much more than before, if things are repeated in the film, then the film does not look so good. 

Today’s video games were put in Jumanji which changes according to every generation but the film In the sequel, the same thing is shown again, at the end of the movie Last Time, all the friends cross the level of Jumanji and after 

which they team up that game Was broken and it is shown at the beginning of the trailer that Spencer is again in the making of that game of Jumanji, because he may be so happy that he is not so happy in the real world so he wants to do some adventure and the public It is possible that the adventure can only be found in the game of Jumanji and once he gets trapped, it is impossible to come back, so the time will also stop for him and he will enjoy the adventure too.

Now when you look at the trailer, the trailer is completely trying to wander our mind and also succeeds, in the trailer, it is shown that Spencer has fallen into the world of Jumanji, but it may be that Spencer is in that world. 

I have not gone to this Phila, our thinking is that if you have watched your trailer carefully then you will see that Bethany does not go to that world of Jumanji, we have only fridge and Martha Before going into the world of Jumanji is seen going to the fridge or saying that he has not chosen his player and maybe Spencer has not fixed 

the game well and the game has some carpet or whether Spencer has given Jumanji Have found out the secret of the world, how the world of Jumanji works, after which the details have gone to give to their friends and their friends have felt that Juman We have fallen into that world of Shree. 

Now our thinking is because you all will know that in the trailer, Nick Jonas was seen in the role of Alex who is the first player of this game of Jumanji, then he may be in the role of Nick Jonas. 

Spencer is the one who has been caught by some people and will rescue his friend at the next level of Jumanji, but in all this we also saw a mess, two characters of Jumanji In Franklin and Barwestne, the two characters, as before, do not have Fridge and Spencer but instead are seen as Spencer’s Grandfather Eddie and Milo, who are to be screened by Kevin Johnson Hart, the jokes of Old Men, the entire film. 

In the film trailer, it will be seen doing the same thing, which will be depicted by Kabhi Na Kahi Fans, in addition to Nick Jonas, Awkwafina also gets the character There may be a mysterious role somewhere or maybe it is possible that Bethany’s character has been entered in Jumanji as a bonus player which will be seen directly in the movie.

This time it was nice that in the trailer of Jumanji 3, Gary’s character Swallow was also seen, who did not get such a big role in the earlier film Jumanji, this time it seems that his character will be for a long time and do not know yet. 

We have found that who will be the enemy in the movie, only Jake Kasdan was called to direct the film, who had directed the old one, Jumanji. The whole world of Jumanji, which we have been watching since childhood, in the movie robin Williams and the world of Jumanji’s TV show cartoon, but now a lot from the world Is different.

That world of cartoons was from the world of Jumanji now, there were a lot of things to explore in that world and that level has just come from Jumanji: The Next Level 2019 movie we don’t have much choice here as I said. According to Jumanji, the whole world has been changed and this time the whole world is at the level of games and hence the title of the movie has been kept at the next level.

In which, if seen, Jumanji will come out of the forested area with mud and snowy areas, where the entire plot of this film has been bashed and the whole story of the film has not been revealed to anyone yet. Is and has not understood it in any way.

And no one can find out what the real story of the movie is by looking at the trailer of this movie, we have only guessed as I have put on this article, which tasks are not given to the team this time. We can not find out the thing that is not being known even in the trailer, then how many major changes have been made in the character.

This time Hippo has also been replaced in place of Andakonda and the budget of the film has also been given in addition to it Like Junkie of Indian Jones and Purani Junkie of the film, which was very good in Purani Jumanji and after this, the song Dangerous Level of the Jungle, yes, the name of this song is All in the game called Cow. 

The release date of this song was by Tommy Edwards and 1958 and this song is doing quite well in the entire trailer of this whole And after a few weeks of this movie, that is, a week later, we will get to see the film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the height of which is very high. 

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