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1917 Movie Director, Producer, Writer

Directed by-: The film 1917 has been directed by Sam Mendes, who has also been a university lecturer and author who also writes children's books

Writing Credits-: The film is credited with writing Sam Mendes and Krysty Wilson-Cairns, Krysty Wilson-Cairns loves screenwriting and writing

Producer-: Callum McDougall Sam Mendes Brian Oliver Pippa Harris has produced the film.

1917 Star Cast

  • Andrew Scott-: Lieutenant Leslie
  • Benedict Cumberbatch-: MacKenzie
  • Richard Madden-: Lieutenant Blake
  • Dean-Charles Chapman -: Blake
  • George MacKay-: Schofield
  • Mark Strong
  • Colin Firth
  • John Hollingworth-: Sergeant Guthrie
  • Daniel Mays
  • Chris Walley-: Private Bullen
  • Adrian Scarborough-: Major Hepburn
  • Nabhan Rizwan-: Sepoy
  • Gerran Howell-: Private Parry
  • Justin Edwards-: Captain Ivins
  • Robert Maaser -: Pilot


There is a lot of drama in the film and the movie is made over war, it will be seen how much the audience likes the film.

1917 Movie Release Date As well As Release Date For Other  Countries

  • UK-: 4 December 2019
  • Indonesia-: 25 December 2019
  • USA-: 25 December 2019
  • Israel-: 26 December 2019
  • Belgium-: 8 January 2020
  • Greece-: 9 January 2020
  • Hong Kong-: 9 January 2020
  • Netherlands-: 9 January 2020
  • Saudi Arabia-: 9 January 2020
  • Singapore-: 9 January 2020
  • Spain-: 10 January 2020
  • UK-: 10 January 2020
  • Ireland-: 10 January 2020
  • Iceland-: 10 January 2020
  • Lithuania-: 10 January 2020
  • Turkey-: 10 January 2020
  • France-: 15 January 2020
  • Australia-: 16 January 2020
  • Germany-: 16 January 2020
  • Mexico-: 17 January 2020
  • Italy-: 23 January 2020
  • Portugal-: 23 January 2020
  • Slovakia-: 23 January 2020
  • Bulgaria-: 24 January 2020
  • Poland-: 24 January 2020
  • Sweden-: 31 January 2020
  • Russia-: 6 February 2020
  • Taiwan-: 7 February 2020
  • Brazil-: 13 February 2020
  • Japan-: 14 February 2020
  • Argentina-: 5 March 2020

Movie Location, Language And Release Date

The film is shot in these places of England
  • Salisbury Plains, Wiltshire, England
  • Low Fell, Gateshead, UK
The film is to be released in three official languages, English French German and the countries in which it will be released, along with its official language, & also in these languages The movie will be released on 25 December 2019.

Along with the 1918 movie, this December is going to release many of the best Hollywood films such as BombshellBlack Christmas, Star Wars 2019, and Jumanji 3, so see now Which film competes at the box office.

1917 Movie Watch Official Trailer Online In English

The film's trailer is being well-liked. The movie has been made on top of the real war drama. The film has made a very good cinematic graph. The trailer of the film has been viewed more than 13M times and has received more than 1 lakh article.

The trailer was released on August 1. Movie sound effect is quite good to see how the film looks to the people and whether it will be able to hit the box office or whether the movie will have flopped, now the public will decide.

1917 Movie Review 

The trailers of some films are such that we can only guess what is going to happen in the film and one of them is a 1917 film. 

which is a war drama Falam and somewhere we have this banker Reminds me of the film, but if we look closely, then the film is a little different from it and people are comparing it not to a banker film. 

But to a lord of the ring movie, but the difference between the two films is that lord of the ring is a fantasy and this is an epic war drama film made very close to the truth and people have praised the cinematic graphy of the film.

The "one-take shot" take short in the film is quite praiseworthy, Director cannot take "one-take shot" means that the entire shot has to be finished in a single shot and no shot can be taken so easily in one shot, but you have to take such shots. 

In, you are going to get that which is going to make the movie very good, but not only the film is being praised by these things, the sound effects character design of the film released and deep exploration of the film is also being done and which makes it the best. 

The drama is about to be made into a film, but how much is there a dam in all these things, it will be known only by watching the film.

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