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Brahms The Boy Movie Release, Poster, Star-Cast And Movie Download

Directed By-: William Brent Bell is a very big director and he is also a screenwriter and producer and is known for his horror film

Writer-: This movie has been written by Stacey Menear, who has written the first part of this film before.

His script Mixtape appeared on the industry's prestigious "Black List" of the best-unproduced scripts of the year

Producer-: Matt Berenson Roy LeeGary Lucchesi Tom Rosenberg Jim Wedaa teaming up to produce the movie.

Brahms The Boy II Movie Star Cast

  • Katie Holmes - Liza
  • Owain Yeoman - Sean
  • Ralph Ineson - Joseph
  • Anjali Jay - Dr. Lawrence
  • Christopher Convery - Jude
  • Oliver Rice - Liam
  • Joely Collins - Mary
  • Charles Jarman - Man in mask 
  • Ellie King - Nanny Grace
  • Natalie Moon - Pamela
  • Joanne Kimm - Nurse Receptionist

Brahms The Boy II Movie Shooting Location

The shooting of Brahmas Boy II, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
British Columbia, Canada Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Brahms The Boy II Release Date as well as Release Date for Other Countries

  • Indonesia - 2020
  • Lithuania - 2020
  • Portugal - 2020
  • Sweden - 2020
  • Turkey - 2020
  • Austria - February 2020
  • Netherlands - 20 February 2020
  • UK - 21 February 2020
  • USA - 21 February 2020

Brahms The Boy II Genres

Brahms The Boy II movie is going to see a lot of thriller, horror and a lot of mystery in the movie. See if the movie becomes a hit after putting all this spice.

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