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Cat Movie Producer, Director, Writer & Music Director

Director-: Tom Hooper, who is directing the Cat Movie, started producing and writing films from the age of 18 and wrote a lot of short films and he is a very talented director also

Writer-: The film is written by Lee Hall and Tom Hopper Lee Hall is known for his War House and Billy Elliot films

Producer-: Although a lot of people are producing the film together, but if we talk about the main producer, Debra Hayward Tim Bevan Eric Fellner is producing the films.

Cat Movie Star Cast

Real Names         Character Name

Taylor Swift                          Bombalurina
Idris Elba                             Macavity
Francesca Hayward             Victoria
Ian McKellen                        Gus The Theatre Cat
Rebel Wilson                        Jennyanydots
Judi Dench                           Old Deuteronomy
James Corden                      Bustopher Jones
Ray Winstone                      Growltiger
Naoimh Morgan                    Rumpleteazer
Laurie Davidson                    Mr. Mistoffelees
Jennifer Hudson                    Grizabella
Mette Towley                          Cassandra
Jason Derulo                          Rum Tum Tugger
Laurent Bourgeois                 Socrates
Larry Bourgeois                      Plato
Daniela Norman                     Demeter
Yasmin Harrison                     Ensemble
Robbie Fairchild                    Munkustrap
Abigayle Honeywill                Cockroach
Melissa Madden-Gray            Griddlebone
Chrissy Brooke                       Ensemble
Steven McRae                       Skimbleshanks
Bluey Robinson                      Alonzo
Zizi Strallen                           Tantomile
Jonadette Carpio                  Syllabub
Danny Collins                        Mungojerrie
Tommy Franzen                    Ensemble
Joel Swedensky                    Mouse Band – Trumpet
Eric Underwood                   Admetus
Freya Rowley                      Jellylorum
Meesha Garbett                  Mouse Sister
Jah Betote                          Coricopat
Aaron Jenkins                    Ensemble
Ponciano Almeida              Ensemble

Film Genres

If you talk about the Film Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Musical is going to be seen in the film.

Cats Film Release Date As Well As Release Date For Other Countries

Countries     Release Date

Belgium               19 December 2019
Brazil                   19 December 2019
Hong Kong          19 December 2019
Saudi Arabia       19 December 2019
Canada               20 December 2019
UK                      20 December 2019
Indonesia           20 December 2019
USA                   20 December 2019
Germany           25 December 2019
France              25 December 2019
Mexico             25 December 2019
Australia          26 December 2019
New Zealand   26 December 2019
Portugal           26 December 2019
Singapore        26 December 2019
Russia             2 January 2020
Philippines      8 January 2020
Argentina        9 January 2020
Japan             24 January 2020

Along with the Cats film, many hit films are also being released like Jumanji, Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker, Black Christmas, Now it will be very fun to see which movie competes.

Movie Release Date And Location 

If talking about the release date of the movie then the movie is releasing On 20 December 2019 and if we talk about the shooting of the film, So the film is shot in these places Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden, Hertfordshire, England, UK (studio) Shot in London, England, UK.

Language Of The Movie

The official language of the film is English but the countries where it will be released will be in English along with the official language of that country.

Cat movie Official Trailer Hd Download In English

Talking about the trailer of the movie, the trailer was released in July and the trailer has received a good response. All the characters in the movie have been shown as a cat. 

The trailer has got 12 M Views 1 Lakh Likes whereas the movie has There is a big actress like Taylor Shift and we hoped that the trailer would get a better response but nothing like this happened.

Review of The Cat Movie

If you talk about Hollywood, then Hollywood has known for its best VFX best animation and best CGI effects, like in Lion King you all must have seen how realistic the film looked from its CGI effects and if we talk about it in the film The CGI effect of the movie has depressed a lot.

All of the characters in the film are shown as cats, but none of these characters seem real, if keep the casting of the film so big, the visual effects in the film are also very large, so the CGI effects in the movie are absolutely Not too good, 

The film has forced the acting of the characters by force, by keeping this kind of CGI, has made fun of itself and people.

This CGI work is not going to be liked at all and if some people are thinking that the concept of the movie has been kept a bit different, then you will get this information that the CAT movie is actually the story of America’s very lentil musical show which was in the 90’s time. 

Pay was after which thought of making a film about it and is directing the film Tom Hooper, who is a highly talented director because all his hard work is going to be waste. 

Because of the VFX artist, the big actors in the film have taken it, but the film does not run only by these and we do not think that the movie will be able to do anything better at the box office, otherwise, you will know by watching the movie completely. Everyone has their own opinion, we have given you reviews of yourself and people.

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