Robert Downey Jr. Biography, Net Worth, Car Collection, Age

Everyone will know Iron Mana and will also download images of Iron Mana, but you will know the name of the character behind it and the work about it, then in this article today you will see Robert Downey Jr. Biography, Net Worth, Car Collection, Age About to go.

Robert Downey Jr. Biography, Net Worth, Car Collection, Age

Robert Downey Jr. Life Story

If we talk about the best and famous actor in the world, then the name of Robert Downey comes to mind first, Today people are so impressed because of his work, due to which he is known all over the world.

But his journey to this place was very difficult and today due to those difficult clocks he is at this stage today, to reach the place where he is today People can only imagine that a time will come in their life that they will get so much name.

Some people just keep thinking and some people do it by their work. He was completely bankrupt he was very badly addicted to drugs, today we will tell you about their life story

Robert Downey Jr. He was born on 4 April 1965 in Manhattan, US, with his father Robert Downey Sr. He was also an actor, producer, director and screenplay writer.

His mother's name was Elsie Ford, who was an actress, so you can say that he inherited acting and its art was in his blood.

His mother Elsie taught him acting and his Interest in acting began to grow and he started acting from childhood, his first film was done at the age of 5, which was named "Pound" and this film was written by him. Security was created and that worked with his father in several films.

Robert's father was addicted to drugs and he allowed his son to take drugs at the age of 6 and Robert was a young child at that time, then he was not aware of all these things and so slowly these things were consumed.

He got addicted to drugs, Robert's childhood was very difficult and his parents used to have a lot of tension due to which they got divorced and then his father left that place and moved to Los Angeles, but Robert Kept taking and his addiction slowly increased

At the age of 16, he quit his studies and went back to his mother and started his career in acting and then from 1983 to 1990, he worked in a lot of films, due to which he became famous among people and everyone got him Started to know but he did not miss his drug addiction on the other side,

He tried many times but he failed but he continued to work in films, he used to be printed in the pages of newspapers every day

Due to his work, a lot of his films went to superhit and one of his films was "Chaplin", due to which he also got Oscar Award in 1992 due to the Chaplin film, people were very impressed with his acting but he was due to his drug addiction Were also to be maligned

In 1992, he got married to Deborah Falconer and did not get into any dispute for almost 3-4 years where everything was going well with him, then suddenly his life changed and then he was sentenced to one year in jail due to drugs. While in prison, the inmates used to beat him a lot and twice he was found lying in a tub of blood

After his release from jail, his wife divorced him, this time was very difficult for him and by 2001 he was arrested many times and says that bad times do not last long and one day he met a girl named Susan And fell in love with her and they both got married in 2005

And then one day his wife Sushan told him that you have to choose between me or one of the drugs and then Robert chose Sushan in drugs and Sushan but it was not easy to give up the drugs

But he was very upset but he decided Was now he will quit drugs for Sushan and then he said goodbye to drugs from his life

Meanwhile, he was now about to change his life, he got an offer for the Iron Man movie and he accepted that offer and his life was going to be on a different track from there and then after that film, he started discussing everywhere he became a big star.

People had gone, taking their names everywhere, the whole world was in love with them. They made their place in the hearts of everyone. Robert Downey Jr. He started to know and then he never looked back and saw his movie becoming a hit at the box office.

People started to know him by playing the role of Iron Man, he went on to give one hit film after another

One of them is the movie Avengers, Sherlock Home, Captain America Civil War, who changed their lives, the whole world came to know them by the name of Iron Man.

In the familiar and today preferred character everyone Robert Downey Jr. Definitely happen

Robert Downey Jr. Lifestyle 

If we talk about Robert's lifestyle, then his life is shown to be very rich in Iron Man film, which he seems to be in the movie, he is the owner of the Stark company, whose common life is quite different and royal than others.

In reality, he is also one of the very rich people and is also very rich in Hollywood actors. Talk about the price of his house is 13.4 Million dollars. 

which is located in Malibu and is a very big and luxurious house which includes a Gym, There are also 6 big bedrooms, 12 stalls of horses. 

There is a sea in front of their house which enhances the beauty of their house. Likewise, they have more houses that are worth in Million Dollar.

He also bought Pacific Palisades House which is worth more than $ 2 million and bought this house in 2014.

He has a house in East Hampton with which he has given a design like a windmill and is very beautiful, which is also very expensive, by looking at his houses, you can guess what his lifestyle will be like.

Family Of Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Sr

If we talk about Robert's family, his father's name is Robert Downey Sr. Is also an Actor, Film Producer, Film Director and Cinematographer by profession. 

Elsie Ford
Her mother's name is Elsie Ford and she was also an Actress and Writer by profession.

Deborah Falconer

He was first married to Deborah Falconer in 1995 but was later divorced but they both have a child named Indio falconer Downey who is both a musician and actor by profession, just like his father and both Has worked together in the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Susan Levin

He again married in 2005, whose name is Susan Levin, whom he loves very much and who worked as a light in Robert's life, now he also has two children, whose name is Exton Elias Downey and he is 7 years old and the daughter's name Avri Roel Downey who is very cute and very famous.

She also has a sister named Allyson Downey who is also a model, actor, and writer as well as a Costume Designer and has also worked with Robert in her debut film "Pound"

Net Worth Of Robert Donwey Jr.

Today, he is known all over the world by both his work and name, he also acts as well as singing, meaning he is also a singer. 

The first part of the film got around 5 Million Dollars and then he started from the same and today he is one of the highest charged actors He charged 40 Million Dollars in Avengers Movie and then Avengers End Game. 

They charged 75 million dollars If all the Marvel movies are mixed, then they have charged up to 500 Million Dollar.

Robert Downey Jr. Cars Collection 

If we talk about Robert's collection of cars, then he has one of the expensive cars, he has a collection of beautiful and great cars. Some of these cars are:-

  • Nissan GTR 2013
  • Audi R8
  • Acura NSX Roadster
  • Bugatti Veyron
  • Porsche
  • Ford F150
  • Shelby Cobra Mustang 

There are many other vehicles that are priced in many Millions Dollar, just like their films, their vehicles are also luxurious.

Debut Movie Of Robert Downey Jr.

Although Robert has worked in many films, we will tell you about his first film He made his first film at the age of just 5, which was called "Pound" and his film was made by his father. 

You can say that he made his debut with his father, he did a lot from 1980 to 1990. He did all the films for which he started to be famous everywhere, he would give his best in whatever character he did and Robert Downey jr. Upcoming Movie Dolittle Movie 2020.

Top 10 Movies Of Robert Downey Jr.

Every movie Robert does is a hit in itself, but some of his films are such that for which discussed everywhere or All over the World and the movies because of which he is known all over the world today. 

1. Chaplin which came in 1992 for which he also received an Oscar Award and received much praise.

2. Sherlock Home Today, if he is known by any other name, then Sherlock Home, you can say that this movie changed his life.

people started connecting him with Sherlock Home, he played the role of detective so well that the movie It went super hit at the box office and is one of the best spy films.

After which its second part was also made and became a hit and now you will soon see the third part of it which will come till 2021.

3. One of them is The Avengers which came in 2012 and was the best superhero film of the time and his character in this movie was very much liked and the film was a hit because of him, that movie won everyone's heart. The fans of Marvels started to connect with them more

4. Today Iron Man has crores of fans all over the world and in the third part of this movie, Iron Man3 did such a great job by Robert Downey Jr. that people were very much influenced by him and he did a wonderful job in the world of Marvel. This was Robert's third solo film and on his own, the movie made 5 times the profits.

5. Age Of Ultron The movie exploded in the box office and was one of the best movies of the time, the movie came out in 2015 and the movie grossed a total of 1.5 Billion.

6. Captain America Civil War If you do not know, then tell you that this movie was first to be named Iron Man Civil War, but later it was renamed as Captain American Civil War and like other films, this film Grossed huge amounts and touched Billions

7. Tropic Thunder This film was full of action and adventure, in which Robert played the role of a black person and he also got the best character award for this movie and the movie was quite a hit.

8. Avengers Infinity War This movie had caused such a blast, people were going crazy to watch this movie, this movie grossed 2Billion at the box office and left a twist in the last of the movie which was in its next part. 

It was told that at the end of the movie, at the end of the movie, Robert ie Iron Man is trapped in space by Thanos and people think that Tony Stark has died.

9. Avengers Endgame The movie grosses close to 3Billion which is the highest-grossing movie in the world and is at the top. 

People think that Robert does not appear in this movie because Thanos has trapped Iron Man in space but Nothing like this happens and in this movie, he charged 75 Million USD

Let me tell you that Marvel started with Iron Man and Marvel signed a contract with Robert.

10. Spider-Man Homecoming Absolutely right, in this movie, apart from Spider-Man, there was RDJ too, due to which the film earned a lot of money and the film went to superhit, in the movie Tom Holland played the character of Spider-Man in the film

Note-: Let me tell you that Marvel Universe (MCU) was started from Iron Man itself and Marvel signed a contract with Robert.

Today Robert Downey Jr. People rule the hearts of people, no matter what kind of film they do, people love to watch their films.