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Wonder Woman 1984 Watch Official Trailer English

After the success of the first part of Wonder Woman, it was enough that the next part of the film would come, and finally, the trailer of the movie was released and the trailer of the movie is quite awesome. 

Wonder Woman 1984 Watch Official Trailer Hindi 

The trailer of Wonder Woman has also been released in Hindi Many of Wonder Woman's Fans are in India, Wonder Woman is known for her strength but she is also very beautiful and one of the most beautiful characters of the entire MCU and DC Universe. 

There is one and their fans are all over the world and this new trailer of theirs is also fantastic, the trailer of the movie did not do as well in Hindi as was expected from them, but the English trailer did very well The Display's movie trailer had already seen more frequently than 5 million+ in Hindi and no matter what 31 thousand likes because of movie real rock show in the theater.

Movie Languages 

  • English 
  • Hindi 
  • Tamil 
  • Telugu 
  • Malayalam 


The film is very fantastic and in the film, you are going to see all the things together.
  • Action 
  • Adventure 
  • Fantasy 

Star Cast 

Talk about the star cast of the movie, the star cast of the movie is quite big but we will show you some important star cast meaning some characters who are going to be seen in the film
  • Pedro Pascal
  • Gal Gadot
  • Chris Pine
  • Kristen Wiig
  • Connie Nielsen
  • Robin Wright
  • Gabriella Wilde
  • Kristoffer Polaha
  • Lyon Beckwith
  • Ravi Patel
  • Ella Walker
  • Oakley Bull
  • Penelope Kapudija
  • Rosanna Walls
  • Constantine Gregory

Release Date 

Talk about the release date of the movie, the release date of the movie is 5 June 2020, the movie is going to be one of the next few big bang films, there is no doubt in the way that there are a lot of bang movies coming out in 2020 and among them, Wonder Woman is one

Wonder Woman 1984 Movie, as well as many hit films, are coming out which are named as Dolittle Movie, Bad Boys Movie, and Black Widow

Wonder Women 1984 Movie Review 

As you all know Wonder Woman is a part of the DC Universe and the first part of this came in 2017 and the movie was very much liked by the people and now this part of the movie is the sequel of the movie, the movie was shown in the 1984 era. 

The time of the earlier movie Wonder Woman was set in 1918 and the rest of the movies of DC Universe, their time is shown in today's era.

In this huge gap of time, it is shown that Wonder Woman's life is in danger, but you all know that Wonder Woman is not going to die, the best thing in the movie seems to be Wonder Woman's character who The song has been composed for all the superhero songs that have been composed so far, the best of them all is the theme song of Wonder Woman

The way the theme song was played in the first part of the movie was also amazing, in that part it is shown that Wonder Woman is still learning to fight slowly

Talk about the music of this part, it has been made quite fantastic, you will have to praise the movie makers because its music has been made in a different way and the music of the character Wonder Woman is better than the rest of the superhero theme music

Now because the movie is from the 1980s, the music has also been used for the same decade and if you listen to it in the trailer of the movie firing with the gun, then it sounds quite amazing, meaning the best of the small parts of the movie Sound quality is taken care of

What makes the movie even more interesting is the action of Wonder Woman in the movie, which is quite loud as seen in the first part, in the same way, this section will also get tremendous action

You are shown in the movie trailer itself that how Wonder Woman uses her powers to go from one place to another and she also goes from one place to another with the help of sky lightning

In the movie, you will see Gal Gadot in the character of Wonder Woman, who is very beautiful and her beauty crazy will be found all over the world and her beauty is also a plus point of her movie

In the movie, you are going to see Chris Pine once again, all of you must have seen that Chris Pine dies in the first part of Wonder Woman and then after that, it started coming out that he will appear again in the second part and Is that the truth, it was absolutely true you will also see them in this Part of the movie.

In this section, he is going to tell how he came back and even after 66 years, he looks the same way, there is no physical change in him you are going to see Pedro Pascal in Movie in a negative character and he has also played his role in Game Of Throne

No matter what happens, MCU and DC Universe have been entertaining us all in the same way and hope to be ahead. They will continue to entertain us by bringing different films of the same kind.


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